6 Top Benefits of Drupal-based Websites

Few content management systems come close to Drupal in terms of security, stability, and flexibility. This agile environment delivers a unique set of benefits that stem from its open-source nature. Drupal is more than a framework — it is a vibrant community dedicated to perpetual improvement. Its highly scalable nature meets the needs of businesses in any industry. Here are the key things to know about Drupal in 2021.

1.  Open-Source Nature

The Drupal source code is publicly available, so anyone can download, copy, apply and edit it. Over 1 million talented developers, designers, editors, and other experts are engaged in the perpetual improvement of the system. The number of modules has already exceeded 44,000, with over 1,000 or more in development. This explains the flexibility of Drupal services for companies of any scale. The free flow of information, quick fixing, and accessibility make Drupal highly efficient, and its features can benefit any business.

2.  Unstoppable Enhancement

The international Drupal community is constantly coming up with new enhancements, such as themes and modules. As testing never stops, any issues are quickly detected and fixed. Support from this gigantic army of users lets Drupal get better all the time.

3.  Customer-oriented

The quality of customer experience is crucial, and this is another strength of the CMS. The wide range of personalization features lets e-commerce tailor content to every visitor based on location, behavior, or interests, and translate it automatically. This is a prerequisite for competitiveness in 2021. Consumers expect personalization, and they are not impressed by generic content.

4.  Improved Security

With hackers making headlines all the time, cybersecurity is a top priority for any business. Here, Drupal also shines. It does not rely on third-party plugins to protect data, which makes security breaches unlikely. Incessant monitoring by the community means any vulnerabilities are quickly remedied.

5.  Mobile-Friendly

Most consumers browse the internet and use social media via smartphones. For businesses, this means their content must look flawless on screens of any size, and provide effortless navigation whatever the hardware. Responsive themes make Drupal-based sites mobile-ready. No need to worry about losing customers because of faulty menus or slow loading!

6.  SEO Boost

Drupal ensures optimization of websites for higher visibility. Its modules include automation tools for SEO that help businesses get to the top of organic search results. This is the holy grail of digital marketing. For example, SEO-friendly URLs preferred by search engines like Google are at the heart of this system.

To Sum Up

If your business is looking for a secure, efficient, and SEO-friendly CMS, Drupal will check all the boxes. It is incredibly scalable and attractive for companies in any industry. Effortless mobile optimization, systematic updates, constant enhancement, and customer focus make it a great choice in 2021.