6 College Resources Every Student Should Know About

Being new at a college can be overwhelming because there is usually a lot to do before settling in. First-year students need some time to familiarize themselves with the new surroundings, such as paths to and from their classes, cafeteria, and the residence hall for those living on campus. After getting used to the basics, a student can start locating the campus resources that will help them earn that degree. Here are some resources collegians need to identify and use to improve their college experience and better their learning.

The College Library

The library is a versatile building where you can find various academic resources. It is also one of the best places to study; it offers a conducive environment for studying away from noise and distractions. It is thus suitable for those who don’t like studying in the noisy residence halls.

Furthermore, the college library offers internet resources and online databases for books and test papers. Some campus libraries also provide students with a place to hold group discussions and work on projects with others.

The Career Center

The campus career center is more than the ‘job placement office’ most people think it is. Career centers these days help individuals choose majors and explore professions. They can also help students identify their strengths and talents, thus affecting some future decisions.

If you consider working part-time while in college to make some cash, the career center can help you find a job either on or off-campus. They also help students build their resumes, improve their interview skills and inform them of workplace expectations. In simpler words, a career center links your education to your future occupation.

Writing Center

Whatever you decide to major in will involve writing. The writing center is for students who struggle with academic papers. If you had problems with writing in high school, it will not get easier in college unless you acquire some assistance. Some might choose to acquire writing services online, but seeking help from the writing/tutoring center professionals is a better long-term solution.

Writing centers exist to help students with a variety of challenges such as:

  • Writer’s block
  • Proofreading services
  • Creating an outline for your paper
  • Advice with complex papers such as dissertations

A writing center is also where you can explore different types of essays, research papers, and critiques to help you handle academic assignments. The final year thesis causes problems for many students due to its size and complexity. The center advisors can help you break such a task into manageable steps and maybe even offer motivation and advice where needed.

Health Services

Colleges offer discounted healthcare for students in case a person gets sick while in school. They also assist with mental health problems. Sometimes collegians get overwhelmed, and it can be stressful for a person, especially relatively new students who have not made friends yet.

Most colleges offer students free or discounted counseling to help deal with stress and other mental issues such as depression. They also have emergency hotlines for suicidal individuals or those who have undergone a traumatic experience. The hotlines are run by professionals and respect students’ confidentiality.


Professors serve to teach classes, but they are also available for students during office hours. Unfortunately, few collegians choose to acquire further assistance from them. Consulting with a professor one on one can be intimidating, but it’s worth it. They can offer you targeted assistance with their course and are also a good source of advice since they have worked with hundreds or thousands of students.

Recreational Facilities

Students sometimes need to blow off some steam, and the gym is an excellent place to do it. Exercising helps keep you in shape while also helping you clear your mind. Most colleges offer affordable gym memberships, and in some institutions, it’s even free.

You can make the most out of this by scheduling workouts a few times a week, and it can help with your physical health, self-confidence, and mental wellness. However, note that some colleges reserve gyms for athletes during specific periods of the year.

Closing Remarks

Campus resources are there to make your college life more manageable. Everyone needs help sometimes, and these resources can offer a lot of the assistance you need. Don’t be afraid to make the best out of them since you’re paying through tuition or other related fees. With that logic, you will just be getting value for your money and also benefit through better grades and a smoother college experience.