5 Ways Martial Arts Can Save Your Child from Bullies

5 Ways Martial Arts Can Save Your Child from Bullies

Are you concerned about your child getting bullied? Helping them strengthen both their body and mind can help reduce the chances. Martial arts carry at least five major benefits to keep your child safe.

Martial arts can improve:

  • The body
  • The mind
  • Self-defense
  • The ability to fall safely

1. A Strong Body

Martial arts are a great form of exercise. Stretching is a core component. Many injuries happen because of overly tight muscles.

Some martial arts like Judo or Ju-Jitsu provide a lot of cardio. Judo, which has roots in Ju-Jitsu, burns many calories. Getting thrown and throwing opponents around strengthens the whole body.

Other arts like Karate and Kung-Fu focus on standing up and throwing strikes. This strengthens the legs and whole body. They can be a very good form of conditioning too.

2. Self-Control Creates A Strong Mind

The most important part of martial arts is the mental discipline the discipline teaches. It doesn’t condone being an aggressor. Detachment from the ego is one of the biggest tenets of martial arts.

The average person will get angry and retaliate. Martial artists learn to stay calm when they are in danger. The bully has to get the attention they want from someone else.

It is easy to go too far when fighting someone else. Martial artists train to end the fight quickly and then leave the area. They do not keep pummeling the adversary into submission.

This is important because excessive force is illegal. It may also result in disciplinary action. Self-discipline will strongly limit the odds of these things impacting your child’s future.

There are also studies showing that martial arts can help reduce anxiety and depression. The reason is that practitioners feel a greater sense of control and self-worth. Anxiety and depression mainly come from people who lack control over their lives. Meditation is a form of martial arts that is very effective at lowering stress levels.

3. Self-Defense

A martial artist’s mind and body work faster than the average person. They will also know how to strike more effectively. Many people throw strikes that are ineffective, slow, or harm the ones throwing them.

4. Protecting Against Falls with Break Falls

Many people fall the wrong way. They often fall with their arm extended. The force of the fall concentrates upon weak points of the body. This is the cause of many wrist and arm fractures.

A broken fall is where the energy of the fall spreads evenly across the body. It can involve rolls or falling forward across the forearms. Karate and Judo both teach this extensively. Slipping on ice is a great example.

A regular person will fall awkwardly. Martial arts teach how to soften the fall. It also makes the bones stronger too. Studies show that this is true.

Some bullies will try to make your child slip and fall. A good dojo will teach your child how to fall safely and get back to their feet.

5. Staying Alert

The average person does not pay attention to their surroundings. Bullies and thugs tend to target people who are not looking around. This is because predatory people look for easy prey.

A martial artist learns to stand tall and look around as they walk. Others walk around with their hands in their pockets. This will make it very hard to raise them in time for a defense.

They are also advised on common situations to stay alert.

Most will check behind their backs every so often just to be safe. Your child will also learn to avoid negative people. This massively decreases their odds of getting into bad situations.

What If A Bully Has Already Harmed My Child?

If your child was injured by a bully, even if the bully is minor, consider hiring a child injury lawyer. Depending on the severity of the injuries, an attorney specialized in this type of abuse can explore if the bully’s caregiver is liable. Make sure to document all your child’s injuries and keep the receipts of all out-of-pocket expenses.

Martial Arts Training is a Wise Option

There are mental and physical benefits to learning to defend oneself. There are many forms that allow practicing safely before doing any live fighting. It also allows one to prevent many injuries. This way, a child can gain self-control, self-awareness, and a boost of confidence that will keep all wannabe bullies at bay.

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