10 Tips For Feeling At Home In Your New City

People always say that moving to a new city, especially one as busy and lively as San Francisco, California, is an exciting experience. However, the reality is, not everything about long distance moves is fun and upbeat. After being in the long-distance moving industry for several years, our experts at California Movers have seen their fair share of tears, scared looks, and hesitation from our clients’ faces. Not everyone wants to admit that long distance moving can be nerve-wracking and scary.

The process of moving is not the only stressful part of the equation. Some people go through periods of loneliness, even depression, once they arrive at their new home. All the lights and sounds of San Francisco won’t appeal to you if you feel like you don’t belong. If this is your situation right now, we’ve put together some tips that might help you feel more at home in a new city. But firstly we recommend you to read this useful article about preparing to move interstate, we are sure it will be interesting for you.

Tip #1: Make sure you start your move with a clear conscience

New beginnings may mean meeting new people and seeing new places, but it also means leaving the ones we have behind. If you’re moving to San Francisco for work, you might feel resentful about having to leave your comfortable life behind. This is even made worse if you’re dating or in a relationship. Our movers have seen more than a couple of ugly breakups on moving day.

One of the reasons people feel lonely and out of place in their new environment is that they have unresolved issues with their old life. Whether it’s a fight with a loved one or regretting that you could not say goodbye to them, this feeling can eat at you and make your first few days horrible. If you’re moving, make sure you iron out all your affairs and leave with a clear conscience.

Tip #2: Get a good moving service

We’re sure many are wondering how long distance moving services are connected with feeling at home in your new city. Of course, your entire moving experience will determine whether or not your first few days in San Francisco will be happy or stressful. Your first few days in a new city should be spent exploring the sites and meeting new people; however, some people spend these first few days in a constant shouting match with their moving service over the phone.

Sub-standard residential moving services usually mean damaged or lost goods, problematic insurance processing, or disputes regarding the moving rates. Nobody deserves to spend their first few days in San Francisco with these problems.

Tip #3: Get busy with decorating your new home

If you’re feeling lonely, get up and do something. Resist the urge to lie in bed all day and try to get something done in your new home. You can start unpacking, arranging clothes in your closet, arranging furniture, or putting up decorations all over your new home. There’s so much to do, and all you need is to take the first step. Remember, a space becomes a home because of the love you put into it.

Tip #4: Meet the neighbors

This might be a cliche, but the best way to feel more at home in your new city is to meet other people, starting with your neighbors. If you’re new, you need people who’ll look out for you and tell you what to avoid. All it takes is one friend to make us look forward to waking up every day in a new city.

Tip #5: Join local groups and pages on social media

Browse through social media and start looking for groups, forums, and pages close to your home. This is the best way to discover new places to explore, and you can even stumble upon a few sellers who can provide you with new things for your home.

Tip #6: Don’t rush it

Most guides on the Internet will tell you that you should allow yourself a certain period of adjustment. Some say it will take four weeks before you truly feel at home, while others say you need around three months. What if you still feel like a stranger after three months?

No matter what anyone says, be it a friend or an article online, you should do things at your own pace. If you don’t want to meet your neighbors until a month after your arrival, that’s perfectly fine. Some people are not as sociable, and they’d rather spend time alone. Remember to do things at your own pace and don’t feel pressured that you’re not meeting other people’s timelines.

Tip #7: Write down some personal changes you want for yourself

One of the best ways to feel at home in a new city is to enact changes in yourself. It’s a new city, and maybe what you need is a new you! We don’t mean drastic changes – but if there’s something you’ve wanted to try for a long time but can’t find time to do so, here’s your chance!

For example, if you’ve always wanted to try photography, but the small, sleepy town you were from didn’t have a lot of interesting sights, you can consider taking it up as a new hobby since San Francisco has a lot of fantastic sights.

Tip #8: List down your problems and road bumps

If you’re experiencing any difficulties with the move, write them down so you can address them formally. Do you frequently get lost because of how large San Francisco is? Are the prices of commodities higher, and you’re having trouble budgeting? Are your neighbors unfriendly? Some issues need solutions, and you simply shouldn’t brush them aside, thinking you’ll get used to it eventually.

Tip #9: Explore as much of your neighborhood as possible

During your first few days, take a walk around the block and check out all the places close to your home. With each day, go farther and farther, familiarizing yourself with all the landmarks and roads. Take some time to look at transportation routes so you know how to get back and forth from your place of work.

Of course, safety is key. Don’t go out walking late at night, and remember to keep your wits about you, even while you’re exploring the city.

Tip #10: Positivity will need some work, and that’s okay!

Even if you feel like you’re adjusting well, there will be days when you feel like you want to curl up into a ball and bawl your eyes out. If you feel like you need to make an effort just to stay positive, you’d be happy to know that this is a natural feeling and everyone experiences periods of loneliness!

Even long-time residents of San Francisco are allowed to feel lonely once in a while. Don’t take it as a sign that you’re regressing or not making progress. There will be days when it will feel like work, and that’s perfectly fine!