10 Important Benefits Of TikTok For Students

TikTok has never been fully appreciated by the older generation. Parents and other adults are always ready to go on about how bad the app is, how it exposes you to predators, and how it takes away all the time you could have otherwise napped or studied with.

It’s about time young people get the older generation up to speed about the remarkable perks TikTok offers students and society at large.

Learning valuable information and skills

The world has evolved to a stage where you can pick up new skill sets on TikTok. In contrast to formally attending college, TikTok can be used for learning relevant modern skills these days. There are often several tutorials showing up uninhibitedly, taking whoever cares to learn through the whole process of baking, cooking exquisite dishes, and even how to do a makeover properly.

Because these lessons and skills training are fascinating to follow and easily practicable, TikTok offers itself as a significantly better way to master these skill sets.

TikTok: Unleash The Creativity in You

All content creators on the platform, even newbies, are aware that exceptional content requires a lot of ingenuity. One of TikTok’s biggest benefits is that it allows individuals like yourself to polish off their abilities in advertising, content marketing, and much more.

“If TikTok has taught the world anything, it’s that it’s intriguing to learn visually and in an entertaining manner, the way the platform allows, than with the boring, archaic method formal education takes on,” affirms Harry Truss, media specialist who also works as a writer at PapersOwl. To their credit, instructors and college lecturers are increasingly adopting the digital teaching method and are continually taking advantage of other social networks to make their classes more effective.

You Learn Editing And Directing Skills

As a content creator on TikTok, you would rather be the scriptwriter, producer, and director of your output. Your content creation activities help you hone useful reel editing skills like transitions.

Not only do you get to improve the engagement your video receives with these skills, you can also make some money on the side if you do come across a job posting requesting for such skill sets.

TikTok Helps Improve Your Listening Skills

Lip-syncing apps can only stand out if they can make their material appear more authentic when faced with hurdles to replicate lyrics and language. And what is required of you is that you pay close attention and use the proper grammar. Some folks even remember and duplicate these lyrics and lines to make their movies appear more authentic.

And because you enjoy doing it, it gradually enhances your listening and comprehending skills.

TikTok Instills Discipline

Excelling as a successful top content creator with meaningful levels of post engagement on the platform takes a certain level of discipline. A desire to excel is not just enough; you’d also need high levels of commitment and motivation to excel on the platform.

The best part? These qualities rub off on you. You’d often have the same levels of commitment and discipline, even if you’re not much motivated, to see other everyday tasks in your daily life to completion. This is yet another handy perk you can let your parents know.

TikTok Builds Up Self-Esteem

Creating videotapes meant to be seen and remarked upon by thousands often helps in building up great levels of confidence and self-esteem in you as a creator. This would be greatly helpful in scenarios where you might’ve to make a presentation at school, a science fair, or even deliver a speech.

TikTok Gives You A Bigger Platform To Showcase Your Talent

With its huge user base of over a billion people, TikTok allows you to demonstrate your creativity skills to more folks than you possibly can ever interact with in real life. Blowing to stardom can be achieved as easily as getting into any of the viral challenges the platform is always filled with.

And before you know it, you’re being sought out by brands and companies for advertisements and promos on your account. Needless to say, such would be a good way to get passive income.

Earning Residual Income

How you earn and exactly what the bulk of your earnings amount to depends on how much of a following you have, the total of your post engagements and the types of products you choose to promote or endorse. Recent studies show that having 100k followers on a platform will get you to earn between a range of $200 – $1,000 monthly.

Gradual Exposure

More and more individuals and brands join the platform’s community by the day, not only from the United States. Creating relevant content people are ready to consume and engage with ensures you get to take a piece of the marketing pie.

You must make sure you’re a creative content maker, not a passive user like most others. Not only can you improve awareness for your personal brand this way, but you can also promote other brands, make cool cash that way and discover new interests.

Ready Customers & Consumers

The constant audience on TikTok eager to consume your work is another everyday perk. If you didn’t already know, TikTok algorithms are designed to deliver quality content and engaging material to users more than any other social media app.

This indicates that TikTok algorithms make it possible for your content to get more traction among active users than any other social network. Because of this, celebrities on the site are highly accessible. Regarding the competitors they are up against, it’s definitely a smart approach.


Now, compile all these pieces of info, forward them to your parents, and wait for a reaction. Chances are they’ll soon get you a better phone (perhaps an iPhone 14 even) with a nicer camera for your content creation, or even better, they’ll join you to post videos.

Despite the advantages of the video app that have been outlined, parents should take care not to let their young children use the main platform. There is TikTok for Children they could choose for them instead.